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Winston has years of experience in manufacturing generic drugs, nutrition supplements, and cosmeceuticals products. We held numerous patents which enable us to provide OEM/ODM services in various dosage forms with PIC/S GMP standards.

ODM/OEM for generic drugs:

We provide R&D service, registrations and ODM/OEM services in the following category:

Category Dosage Form
Orals Capsule(pellet), tablet(SR/CR/IR), granule, powder
Externals Cream, ointment, gel, solution
Ophthalmic Solution, suspension, ointment, emulsion, gel
Hormones Tablet(film-coated), oral suspension

ODM/OEM for nutrition supplements:

Winston Vitamin C has been well-known in the market for decades. Lately, Winston has developed specialized slow released Lutein tablets. We ensure our health products are developed with high quality to meet the standards of our clients.

OBM/ODM for cosmeceutical products:

We provide the following services to cosmeceutical clients:

  • Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM) service to cosmeceutical clinics to help building patients’ loyalty to the clinics.
  • Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) using Winston’s existing brands such as Dr. PGA and Oasis to develop various products for our clients